Are you looking for more energy, endurance and stamina?
Oxygen4Life PEO's are a patented nutritional supplement comprised of organic plant seed oils and have been shown to be effective in clinical trials for the reduction of arterial plaque and support every necessary bodily function!
Parent Essential Oils
Parent Essential Oil users also are known to appreciate these important benefits:
  • Less cravings for sweets / greater appetite fulfillment
  • Healthier Immune System (fewer colds/flu)
  • Better mental clarity & focus
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Healthier / smoother skin / decreased cellulite
  • Increased hormonal efficiency / production
  • And So Much More...
Each bottle contains 120 capsules and are formulated for 40 pounds of body weight each. In other words, one bottle is a months supply for someone who is 120 -160 pounds in weight and in good health. Someone weighing more or in not good health would require more than 4 capsules per day. In addition, the older we are the more likely we are going to be deficient in these PEOS. In that case it's best to take more for the first 60 - 90 days and then maintain a normal dosage.   

Your body cannot make Parent Essential Oils; they must come from food and all of your cells need them to function properly. Unfortunately, modern food processing destroys these delicate oils in order to extend the shelf life of the food and the results can be disastrous. Think of processed trans-fats and preservatives instead of healthy oils in your 100 trillion cells.
Liquid PEOs
Our unique liquid PEOs formulation is a 31-day supply and is for those that can't take capsules or who prefer to just take a liquid In addition, it can be applied topically to cuts, burns, abrasions and other skin ailments with phenomenal results. We are the leaders in EFA science with a specifically calculated balance of Parent Omega 6 to 3 using naturally produced organic plant seed oils instead of fish oil, and providing the parent oil, and not the derivatives. 

In third party clinical trials are patented PEO's were shown to reduce the arterial aging of patients tested by an average of 8 years after using the product as little as 90-days. Those that had been on fish oil required another 30-days to achieve similar results.  So if your biological age is 60 you would have the arteries of a 52 year old. 
What are PEOs?
There are only two (2) essential fatty acids, LA (parent omega-6) and ALA (parent omega-3). They MUST come from food. To work properly, they MUST be NOT heated, chemically unprocessed, organically raised and processed to guarantee full physiologic functionality. Fast foods use adulterated, non-functional EFAs that can no longer be termed a fully functional parent essential oils. All other EFAs excluding ALA and LA are correctly termed EFA “derivatives.” This includes the most common derivatives such as AA, DHA, EPA, etc. What is not understood by most physicians is that derivatives are made in the body, from the parent EFAs, on an “as needed” basis in extremely limited quantities. Consumption of derivatives from food is therefore not necessary, yet fish oil consists entirely of DHA and EPA in suprapharmacological OVERDOSES, thereby overdosing the patient and causing damage instead of health. Few, if any, physicians ask to see the “normal standard” values of physiologic DHA/EPA amounts in tissue and plasma compared to the parent PEO amounts in tissue and plasma.
When they discover the truth of how little DHA and EPA there should be in relation to how much they’ve been administering, physicians are shocked and dismayed that they have been (unknowingly) harming their patients, and wish to correct their recommendation to Peskin Protocol PEOs (as per the below physician testimonials). Peskin Protocol PEOs are a patented plant-based proprietary formulation unlike any in the world and can be obtained organically from precise mixtures of sunflower, safflower, pumpkin, and evening primrose
seed oils and coconut oil.
Physician's Testimonials
“I previously wrote you about the remarkable cause / effect relationship in reversing plaque volume in a (smoking) patient taking conventional treatment (i.e. statins, aspirin, Co-Q10, etc.). In reading over [the patient’s] scans I have never seen such a remarkable result. When he [the patient] stopped the PEOs the plaque came back!”

Robert Kagan, M.D., Radiologist (USA)
“I am delighted to come across scientific work which is not only of excellent quality, but is applicable. I have been on a low carbohydrate diet for approximately a year now, but I have been aware that there was still something missing—your program has filled in the blanks. What is amazing is how in the medical profession, we have ignored the obvious for so long. It was with skepticism that I read the portion on cellulite [in a prior book], but despite “lowcarb” for one year, I still had this problem. I have seen for myself remarkable results with the EFAs [PEOs].”

Carolyn Berry, MD, Ireland
“What intrigued me was Prof. Peskin’s unique view of Parent Essential Oils (PEOs). After I tried them, both my patients and I found his recommendations led to drastically increased energy and substantially decreased carbohydrate cravings.”
Steven Cavallino, M.D. (Italy), Prolotherapy Specialist / Sports Medicine Specialist
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